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Ensure those you care about are looked after in your will

The law will always provide for someone to inherit your wealth but often not the person you would have chosen.

Many people do not realise that, under intestacy rules, if you die without a will a husband or wife or civil partner may not inherit everything you expect them to if there are children or parents.

Everyone should consider making a will. Having one need not be traumatic or costly and can offer peace of mind. 

Making a will means that you can avoid your spouse having financial problems to deal with on top of the grief of losing a partner. We can advise you on the formalities and alternatives you can provide for.

We have years of experience in advising married clients, unmarried partners and couples in second marriages and can recommend on how to use your will to achieve the outcome you want.

The Inheritance Tax threshold has been frozen at £325,000 for the foreseeable future and we are well placed to discuss with you the tax implications of what you want to do.

We will advise you on the "transferable nil-rate band" and the possibilities of lifetime tax planning to make sure that as much of your wealth as possible reaches your intended beneficiaries. We can also advise on how trusts can be used to achieve your objectives in the most tax efficient way.

We can hold your will for you in our document safes. You will have the security of knowing that it is protected and if circumstances change you can contact us easily to make any necessary changes.

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